Energy waste

Sort the energy waste in the property’s energy waste container.

The collection of energy waste from properties with no fewer than five households stops in August 2023 and by 30 June 2024 from properties smaller than this. After this, energy waste must be disposed of as either plastic packaging, cardboard packaging, textile, biowaste or mixed waste depending on the material of the waste.

Domestic waste, such as

  • plastic food packaging
  • plastic products with identification code 01, 02, 04, 05, 06 or 07
  • EPS
  • pillows, covers and similar
  • dirty cartons, cardboard and paper
  • disposable plates, cups and utensils

Drain and rinse packaging containing marinades.

What happens to energy waste after sorting?

In a sorting plant, the waste is separated into materials used for energy generation and waste reused as a raw material. Usable materials, such as plastics, are utilised as raw materials. The remaining materials are used for electricity and heat generation.