Carton packaging waste

Sort the carton packaging waste in the property’s carton bin or at a Rinki eco-point.


  • carton material should be empty, clean, dry, flattened and placed inside one box
  • corrugated cardboard
  • cartons, such as for milk or juice
  • cardboard containers for ready-made meals
  • cardboard containers for dry products, including cereal and biscuit boxes
  • paper bags
  • pizza boxes and egg boxes
  • disposable cardboard plates and cups
  • toilet paper and kitchen roll tubes
  • wrapping paper, such as for photocopy paper
  • cardboard sleeves from drinks multipacks (e.g. 6- and 24-packs)


  • plastics, such as plastic bags and wrapping material, polystyrene foam and bubble wrap

If it is not possible to take carton waste to these collection points, carton and paper packaging may be placed in the property’s energy-waste bin. In this case, aluminium-lined packaging may be disposed of as mixed waste.

What happens to carton waste after sorting?

At a carton plant, recycled cartons are used to produce raw materials for corrugated cardboard, packaging cartons, envelopes, laminated paper and cardboard cartridges.

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