Electric equipment

Sort the electrical equipment at a waste reception station, mobile Roinaralli collection points or shops selling electrical equipment.

  • refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, electric ovens and cookers, microwave ovens and electric sauna stoves
  • vacuum cleaners, other electrical cleaning devices
  • sewing machines, irons, mangles
  • toasters, table-top barbecue grills, coffee makerss
  • electric kettles, shavers, hairdryers and electric curlers and toothbrushes
  • clocks, scales
  • computers, printers, calculators, phones, mobile phones
  • radios, television sets, video cameras, video recorders
  • DVD players, digital cameras
  • electric tools
  • fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lights

Waste reception services for households:
Lamps and electric and battery-powered household appliances and devices of any size can be taken to collection points. 1–3 items per type of device per person/visit (e.g. 3 television sets, 3 refrigerators, 3 coffee makers, etc.).

If you are taking a larger number of items, for example for a housing company, you should notify the collection point about the delivery in advance. All the devices must be consumer products, i.e. machines that have been in use in households.

What happens to electrical equipments after sorting?

Electrical devices are dismantled, and metals, plastics and glass are separated for reuse. Several electrical and electronic devices contain materials classified as hazardous waste. Electrical equipment producer organisations are responsible for organising the collection and recycling of such equipment.

Batteries and small accumulators are crushed and materials that are suitable for reuse and energy production are separated in a specialised plant.

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