Energy waste

Sort the energy waste in the property’s energy waste bin.

  • plastic food packaging, such as jars, bags, boxes, wrappings and trays
  • plastic products with identification code 01, 02, 04, 05, 06 or 07, such as plastic bottles, buckets, canisters
  • photographs, photographic films, X-rays (in small quantities)
  • EPS sheets, trays and cases
  • used disposable containers, including those made of cardboard
  • dirty carton-type containers, such as pizza boxes and ice cream cartons
  • pieces of wood and particleboard, even painted, varnished, surface-treated or plastic-coated
  • foam plastic, such as mattresses with fabric covers (bulky items must be taken to a waste reception station)
  • clothes, home textiles such as curtains, quilts and blankets, pillows, sheets and rugs
  • plastic tarpaulins, scrims and nets
  • plastic packaging straps, strings and bands
  • candle stubs

No PVC-plastic or aluminium covered cardboard packagins!

Drain and rinse cartons, jars and packaging containing marinades.

Bigger amounts of energy waste and large items are to be taken to the waste reception station. Waste reception stations do not accept normal everyday household energy waste.

What happens to energy waste after sorting?

Energy waste goes through mechanical sorting in a sorting plant. All materials suitable for recycling (plastic, fibres, metals) are reclaimed. The rest is crushed at a crushing plant to produce fuel that is utilised in energy production.