Glass packaging waste

Sort glass packaging waste in the property’s bin for glass or at a Rinki eco-point.


  • Glass bottles must be emptied and lids and bottle tops removed: glass bottles, glass jars
  • Rings, collars and labels may be left in place.

If necessary, rinse dirty glass containers with cold water.
Return refundable bottles to the shop.


  • medicinal packaging, such as ampoules and bottles for injection suspensions
  • plastics, such as plastic bags and wrapping material, polystyrene foam and bubble wrap
  • chinaware and ceramics
  • glassware (such as drinking glasses, oven bowls, coffee pots, lids for pots and pans)
  • crystal
  • opal glass (used in some packaging for cosmetics or decorative items, for example)
  • window glass or mirrors
  • lamps and lighting fixtures

What happens to glass packaging waste after sorting?

Glass waste is used as a raw material for new glass packaging, such as bottles and jars. Glass can be reused time and again without its quality or purity deteriorating.

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