Sort the paper waste in the property’s paper bin, at a Rinki eco-point, or other waste paper collection point.

  • newspapers and magazines
  • advertisements, brochures
  • envelopes (including those with a window)
  • photocopy papers and printouts (coloured and white)
  • drawing paper and paper from pads (coloured and white)
  • recycled paper
  • phone directories and product catalogues
  • and paperback books and pages from hardback books (with covers removed)
  • notebooks, also with metal or plastic bindings
  • paper bags made of white paper

It is not necessary to remove staples and paperclips. All material must be clean and dry. Do not tie paper materials together with twine or adhesive tape. Confidential household waste: documents, invoices, prescriptions and other confidential waste can be taken to a waste reception station in a sealed container for a fee.

What happens to paper after sorting?

The paper industry utilises recycled paper as a raw material for newspapers and magazines and kitchen and toilet rolls. Some of the recycled paper goes to the manufacture of insulation materials.

Find the nearest collection point