Plastic packaging waste

Sort plastic packaging waste in the property’s energy waste bin or at a Rinki eco-point.


Empty, clean and dry household packaging:

  • plastic packaging for foodstuffs, such as yoghurt pots, butter containers and packaging for cutlets, cheese and ready-made meals
  • bottles for detergent, shampoo and liquid soap
  • plastic bottles, cans and jars – preferably flattened
  • plastic bags and wrappings

Plastic products other than those listed above are disposed of as energy waste.


  • dirty plastic packaging or mixed waste
  • PVC packaging
  • other plastic products or companies’ plastic packaging

If taking plastic packaging to a Rinki eco-point is not possible, such waste can be placed in the property’s energy waste bin, with the exception of PVC packaging, which must always be disposed of as mixed waste.

What happens to plastic packaging waste after sorting?

Plastic waste goes to make raw materials for the plastics industry. Products made from recycled plastic include plastic bags, pipes and sheets.

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