Terminating waste collection services for a fixed term

If your property will remain unoccupied, you can stop the collection of waste for the period in question. Fixed-term termination of the service only applies to properties that are not in use during that term.

For example, a waste collection service for a holiday home that is only used in summertime can be terminated for the winter. In this case, the bin must be emptied at the end of the summer season and it must remain empty while waste is not collected.

If the termination lasts for less than a year, it can be agreed directly with the collection company’s customer service. In conjunction with stopping the service, you can set the date for restarting waste collection.

If the waste collection service is terminated for a period longer than a year, an application must ne submitted to the Lahti Region Waste Management Authority in writing.

Applications and notifications can be submitted in writing at lahti.fi/jatehuoltoviranomainen.