Waste bins at the property

The size of the waste bins is determined on the basis of the collection interval and the amount of waste generated. You can buy your own waste bins or hire them from the waste collection company.

Containers must be equipped with lids, handles and wheels, and they must be suitable for mechanical loading and washing.

They must carry labels to indicate the type of waste they are used for. In addition, they must contain the name and contact information of the collection company. Bins that are not located in the area of the property must also be marked with the owner’s contact details.

Bins must be placed in a location that allows easy access in all weather conditions. A waste collection vehicle must be able to drive within 10 metres of the bins. Access to the bins must not be restricted by a kerb, step or similar obstacle.

Biowaste bins must be protected with a biodegradable liner or alternatively waste must be placed in a biodegradable bag before disposing of it in the bin.

The bins must be maintained in good condition and cleaned regularly to prevent any risk or harm to the environment or human health when the bin is emptied. The owner of the biowaste bin must ensure that the bin is washed when necessary but at least twice a year.