End-of-life textiles

Take the following to the collection points of end-of-life textiles.

To be disposed of as end-of-life textiles

Clean and dry clothes and household textiles that are no longer usable, such as

  • coats, trousers, skirts, shirts
  • sheets, towels and tablecloths

Place in a plastic bag and close the bag securely.

Not accepted at the collection point

  • underwear, socks
  • pillows, covers, upholstery
  • rugs
  • belts, bags
  • footwear
  • damp or mouldy textiles or textiles with fabric pests or strong odours

Donate usable clothes and textiles to a charity.

Unusable household textiles taken to a end-of-life textile collection point will be reused as recycled fibre, for example.