Take medicine waste to the pharmacy. All pharmacies accept medicine waste from households free of charge.

Medicine waste is

  • out-of-date and unused medicines and pharmaceutical products for people and animals
  • mercury thermometers
  • sharp waste: needles, syringes, insulin pens, ampoules and similar products (return to pharmacy!)

How to return medicines

  • return medicines, salves and sprays in their original packaging
  • remove instruction labels from prescription drugs to protect sensitive personal information
  • remove any cardboard packaging but do not take tablets out of blister packs
  • return tablets and capsules packaged in a plastic or glass bottle
  • place sharp waste in a secure, hard-sided jar or bottle
  • keep separate medicines containing iodine, including iodine tablets, such as Betadine and Iodosorb and cytostatic drugs, such as cancer medicines.


  • vitamins, micronutrients, natural remedies (sort these into biowaste without packagins)
  • moisturising creams, beauty products,  shampoos, and bandages (sort these into mixed waste)

What happens to medicine waste after sorting?

Medicines are incinerated in a processing plant for hazardous waste and the energy generated in the process is utilised as heat and electricity.

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