Plastic packaging

Sort plastic packaging waste in the property’s waste container or at a Rinki ecopoint.

  • plastic packaging for foodstuffs, including with aluminium lining
  • plastic bags and wrappings
  • bottles for detergent, shampoo and liquid soap
  • other plastic household packaging
  • ESP packaging
  • plastic packaging filling

Packaging must be empty and dry. Do not place packaging made of different types of plastic inside each other.

Separate bottle tops, lids and other packaging parts, if possible. The plastic used for these is often different from the plastic used for the actual packaging. Separating them improves the efficiency of recycling.

Packaging materials are sufficiently clean for recycling when they can be stored at home for a couple of days without notable odours.

Unsuitable materials

  • Mixed waste, construction waste or very dirty plastic packaging
  • Any material other than plastic packaging (no cardboard, glass, metal, wood)
  • Other plastic products or plastic packaging used in companies
  • Packages that contain traces of dangerous substances (e.g. lighter fluids, oils, fuels, paints, chemicals, medicines)

What happens to plastic packaging waste after sorting?

Plastic waste goes to make raw materials for the plastics industry. Products made from recycled plastic include plastic bags, pipes and sheets.

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