Mixed waste

Sort the mixed waste in the property’s mixed waste bin.

Domestic waste, such as

  • plastic packages containing aluminium
  • nappies, sanitary towels and other similar products
  • rubber, leather and artificial leather products
  • PVC plastic (03) and plastic products made of an unidentified plastic type
  • vacuum cleaner bags
  • incandescent light bulbs, halogen lamps, fuses
  • chinaware and ceramics, glassware, mirrors
  • ink cartridges, VHS tapes, DVD discs and other similar products
  • food waste if the property does not have a separate bin for biowaste

Big amounts and large items are to be taken to the waste reception station. Waste reception stations do not accept normal everyday household waste.

What happens to mixed waste after sorting?

In a sorting plant, the waste is separated into materials used for energy generation and waste reused as a raw material. Usable materials, such as metals, are utilised as raw materials. The remaining materials are used for electricity and heat generation.