Mixed waste

Household waste that cannot be placed in other waste containers, such as

  • plastic products other than packaging, e.g. plastic bowls and cups and plastic packaging straps, string and bands
  • baking paper
  • clingfilm and freezer bags
  • photographs, slides and similar
  • candle stubs
  • nappies, sanitary towels, cotton pads and other hygiene products
  • rubber, leather and artificial leather products
  • vacuum cleaner bags, cigarette butts and chewing gum
  • incandescent light bulbs, halogen lamps, fuses
  • chinaware and ceramics, glassware, mirrors
  • used ink cartridges, VHS tapes, DVD discs and other similar products
  • various adhesive tapes, strings, gift ribbons and wrapping paper
  • pieces of wood and chipboard

What happens to mixed waste after sorting?

In a sorting plant, the waste is separated into materials used for energy generation and waste reused as a raw material. Usable materials, such as metals, are utilised as raw materials. The remaining materials are used for electricity and heat generation.