Roinaralli collection points

The mobile Roinaralli collection points accept hazardous waste, scrap metal and electrical equipment from households free of charge. The Roinaralli vehicles carry out collection rounds in the region’s municipalities in May and June each year. In autumn, Roinaralli collections are arranged at Artjärvi, Pukkila, Myrskylä, Hämeenkoski and Kärkölä.

See our waste sorting instructions


  • Check the arrival and departure times for the collection vehicles and arrive in good time.
  • Roinaralli collection points accept small quantities of hazardous household waste. The maximum quantity is 50 kg and 50 l.
  • Leaving waste at the collection site before the arrival of the vehicle is prohibited; waste must always be given to the driver.
  • Always dispose of hazardous waste in its original packaging if possible.
  • Waste reception stations and Roinaralli collection points do not accept fireworks, bullet cartridges or explosives. If you want to dispose of any of these items, contact the police. Fireworks must be delivered to the retail point or importer. Cylinders of liquefied petroleum gas can be returned to most retail points that sell them or at PILLERI waste reception station. Other gas bottles are accepted by gas suppliers. Roinaralli collection points do not accept transport equipment batteries that weigh more than 500 g. These should be returned to waste reception stations or the importer.
  • Pharmacies accept unused medication and mercury thermometers.
  • Roinaralli collection points do not accept impregnated wood. This can be taken to the waste centre and waste reception stations.

See timetable for Roinaralli collection points