Furniture and other bulky items

Reception at waste reception stations.

The following household waste is accepted free of charge:

  • wood: for example, furniture made of solid wood, chipboard, glued laminated timber, melamine or MDF (fittings, handles and hinges may be left in place), wooden garden furniture and planting boxes (items made of impregnated wood are considered hazardous waste)
  • metal: for example bicycles, scooters, snow racers, gas and charcoal barbecues, metal furniture
  • clothes in good condition (to a UFF collection bin)
  • tyres

A fee is charged for the following waste:

  • energy waste: for example, foam mattresses with their fabric covers, carpets, toboggans, plastic buckets and barrels, plastic planting boxes and pots, plastic garden furniture
  • mixed waste: including sofas, armchairs and other upholstered furniture, bed bases, spring mattresses, rugs with rubber lining, mirrors, clay and ceramic pots, garden hoses, skateboards, snowboards, fibreglass skis, carbon fibre ski poles, glass shelves, table tops and doors
  • pieces of paper that contain sensitive personal information

Note that:
Waste reception stations do not accept fireworks, bullet cartridges or explosives. If you want to dispose of any of these items, contact the police (bullets and explosives) or the supplier (fireworks). Cylinders of liquefied petroleum gas can be returned to most retail points that sell them. Other gas bottles are accepted by gas suppliers.