Collection points for garden waste

Household garden waste is accepeted free of charge at all waste reception stations all year round.

In Kärkölä, Myrskylä and Pukkila, there are separate collection points for garden waste generated by households. Collection points are in use at summer season (season without snow).

Twigs and branches and other garden waste must be sorted separately.

Invasive non-native species of plants such as lupine and japanese rose as well as cones and fruits that are fallen from trees must always be taken to waste reception stations (NOTE: seed-containing parts of invasive non-native species of plants must be brought separately packed in a plastic bag and sorted into mixed waste). They are not to be brought to these separate collections points of garden waste.

See sorting instructions.

Collection points can be used daily from 8 am to 20 pm.


  • Liesniementie 115, 16600 Kärkölä
  • Pukkilantie 61, 07600 Myrskylä
  • Pajatie 1, 07560 Pukkila