Kujala waste centre

Kujala Waste Centre

Aerial views, operation-specific images, videos, and textual description provide a comprehensive presentation of the waste treatment facilities, operation premises, and other facilities at the Kujala Waste Centre. Welcome to learn about today’s waste treatment!

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Promoting the circular economy for the benefit of our environment

The Kujala Waste Centre in Lahti takes in waste from communities and production facilities for interim storage, handling, reclamation, transfer and final disposal. The Kujala Waste Centre is Salpakierto Ltd’s main site and the only location where it processes waste. Its operations have been granted an environmental permit.

The site covers 70 hectares in total. Salpakierto receives approximately 100,000 tonnes of waste each year. Municipal waste accounts for approximately 60,000 – 70,000 tonnes of this. Of the waste received by the centre, almost 100% is utilised.

In addition, the site is home to several other companies specialized in treatment or recycling of waste:

  • Salpamaa Ltd that is a subsidiary to Salpakierto Ltd receives and treats soil and stone materials.
  • LABIO Ltd biogas and composting plant receives and treats biowaste, garden waste and sewage sludge. LABIO Ltd is a joint venture of Salpakierto Ltd 40% and Lahti Aqua Ltd 60%
  • In addition area contains a biogas upgrading facility, roofing felt processing facility and an asphalt station

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