Sorting of waste


Detached houses, semi-detached houses and holiday homes must sort waste at least into energy waste and mixed waste.

They are encouraged to compost biowaste (food waste) of their own volition. You can contact your waste collection company to make enquiries about the separate collection of biowaste. This is usually possible in built-up areas served by a biowaste collection vehicle. In the centres of Heinola and Orimattila, the collection of biowaste is arranged by the municipality. In these areas, detached houses can join the biowaste collection system by contacting Salpakierto’s customer service.

Waste paper can be recycled at regional collection points arranged by producers. Detached houses located in areas with blocks of flats and terraced houses can acquire a separate paper bin and join the producers’ paper collection service.

Cardboard, glass and metal packaging can be returned to Rinki eco-points managed by the packaging producers. Some of the Rinki eco-points also accept plastic packaging. You can find your local Rinki eco-points on the producers’ website at

According to the new waste legislation the obligation to sort biowaste starts from 1 July 2024 in properties of all sizes that are located in the urban areas with at least 10.000 inhabitants in Lahti, Heinola and Hollola as well as Nastola village centre. The obligation to organise the separate collection of biowaste does not apply to properties where biowaste is composted.

The collection of energy waste will end 1 July 2024.


In areas with a local detailed plan in Asikkala, Heinola, Hollola (excluding Hämeenkoski), Lahti and Orimattila (excluding Artjärvi), properties with 10 or more households must at the moment have separate bins for biowaste (food waste), mixed waste, paper, cardboard packaging, glass packaging, plastic packaging and metal.

In areas with blocks of flats and terraced houses, waste paper is collected free of charge. Properties are responsible for acquiring a paper bin either by themselves or together with other properties and for organising a suitable location for the bin.

According to Waste Management Regulations the obligation for separate collection and sorting of biowaste and packaging wastes will start in stages in all the properties with 5 or more households in all the areas with a local detailed plan accordingly:

  • Plastic packaging from 1 August 2023 -> the obligation to collect energy waste ends at this point
  • Carton packaging from 1 October 2023
  • Glass packaging and metal from 1 January 2024
  • According to the new waste legislation the obligation to sort biowaste has started from 1 July 2022 in all properties with at least 5 households in all urban areas. These properties must organize the collection for biowaste. The collection of biowaste will shift into the collection system arranged by the municipality (organised by Salpakierto Ltd.) in March 2024. In the central urban areas of Orimattila ja Heinola the joint collection of biowaste arranged by the municipality already exists.
  • NOTE! In the centre of Lahti City (area presented in the Waste Management Regulations appendix 4) the collection of biowaste and packaging waste will shift to Salpakierto from 1 August 2023.