Waste bins at the property

The property holder must arrange a collection site for waste where a sufficient number of bins can be placed pursuant to these waste management regulations.

The bins must be suitable for the waste type collected and their size must be in line with the amount of waste generated.

Waste containers must be sufficiently large to ensure that they do not fill up too much for the cover to close, taking into account the collection interval. Containers that are too large in relation to the need must not be used just to extend the standard collection intervals.

Salpakierto provides containers that can be moved manually to the properties where biowaste, metals or carton, glass or plastic packaging is separated. The property holder is liable for lost or damaged containers it has rented or that come as part of the waste collection service, except for normal wear and tear to the containers.

The property’s own containers for biowaste, metals or carton, glass or plastic packaging will only be replaced with a container provided by Salpakierto when the container becomes too worn or if it does not meet the requirements set for waste bins. Salpakierto assesses the need to change the waste container.

The owner of the bin marks the waste type the bin is intended for on the cover and/or front wall of the bin. The waste type must be indicated using the terms for various waste types defined in these waste management regulations.

The operator responsible for collecting waste must place its contact information on the bin.

The owner of the bin or a person responsible for it marks the property’s address or number on the bin if the bin is not located in the immediate vicinity of the property.

For bins shared by more than five households, sorting instructions for the waste type the bin is intended for must be placed in a visible location near the bin.

Only waste intended for the waste bin can be placed in it.

Waste bins that are moved manually must not be filled in a manner that causes a risk to the waste collector due to the conditions of the bin’s location or the design, weight or other properties of the bin.

Waste must be packed in a bag or similar, when necessary, to prevent the bin from getting dirty.

Biowaste bins must be protected with a biodegradable liner or alternatively waste must be placed in a biodegradable bag before disposing of it in the bin.

Read more in the waste management regulations.