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Promoting the circular economy for the benefit of our environment

Salpakierto Ltd (formerly Päijät-Häme Waste Management Ltd (PHJ)) is a limited liability company owned by 10 municipalities, tasked with performing municipal waste management services in the region of the shareholder municipalities. These tasks include the reception, processing, recycling and utilisation of waste and the development of waste management and the provision of information related to it. The company is part of Lahti Group.

The shareholder municipalities are Asikkala, Heinola, Hollola, Kärkölä, Lahti, Myrskylä, Orimattila, Pukkila, Padasjoki and Sysmä. The region it operates in has about 200,000 residents and some 13,000 companies.

Since its establishment in 1993, Salpakierto has taken bold and innovative steps to promote recycling and the circular economy and to protect the environment. Over the years, the emphasis of its operations has shifted from landfill activities to recycling.

The role of waste management services in the circular economy is to promote recycling by recovering all materials from waste treatment processes that can be reused as raw materials in order to preserve natural resources. The goal is to reduce the quantity of waste used for energy production and minimise the amount of waste disposed of in landfill.

The company’s operations are guided by EU directives, national laws and decrees, the national waste management plan, environmental authorities, the Päijät-Häme Waste Board, and shareholders. The company has a certified operating system in place.

Salpakierto Ltd
Sapelikatu 7, FI-15160 Lahti, Finland
Tel +358 (0)3 871 1710

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